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Using JMP Image Analysis Capabilities to Extract Skin Lesion Characteristics - Winner - Best Student Poster

Editor's Note: This Poster was selected as the Best Student Poster for JMP Discovery Summit 2016.

The objective of this project is to use image analysis in JMP to develop an automated program for extracting metrics from skin lesion images. This poster discusses two main aspects of image analysis in JMP: feature extraction (image processing) and data extraction (analysis of those features to create metrics). Code snippets are included with each component to illustrate the image analysis capabilities of JMP, and how this project built upon the functions already available.

JMP image analysis techniques and algorithms similar to those created in this study have a variety of applications beyond analyzing skin lesion images, whether it be character recognition, wildlife identification, facial recognition, fingerprint technologies, geological mapping, manufacturing defect identification, or more.

By Julia Gong, JMP Student Intern, SAS, and High School Senior, Cary Academy

Many thanks to John Ponte​, ​, and Diana Levey​ for their mentorship, guidance, and support on this project.