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Mind the Gap: JMP® on the Text Explorer Express

Heath Rushing, Principal Consultant and Co-Founder, Adsurgo

James Wisnowski, PhD, Principal Consultant and Co-Founder, Adsurgo

There is an enormous gap between the massive resources that companies devote to collecting, storing and organizing unstructured data and their ability to actually discover meaningful information that affects business decisions. Text Explorer in JMP 13 will fundamentally change how users view the power of analytics. This new platform uses familiar multivariate methods to close the gap in unstructured data exploration and discovery. This session will use multiple case studies to demonstrate not only the remarkable capabilities of Text Explorer, but also its extraordinary ease of use. First, presenters will show the simplicity of string processing in Text Explorer, specifically focusing on common obstacles: stopwords, synonyms and parsing terms, along with multi-word phrases. Next, the presenters will illustrate the analytical and graphical capabilities of Text Explorer to quickly uncover previously unknown information in unstructured data: term frequencies, word clouds and topic extraction. Lastly, they will show how Text Explorer can capitalize on the powerful predictive analytics capabilities already in JMP to explore relationships and build better models by using both your unstructured and structured data.

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