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Level III

Managing and Reusing Data and Analyses

Managing and Reusing Data and Analyses

Wayne J. Levin, Predictum Inc.

Farhan Mansoor, Predictum Inc.

Knowledge is the most important asset a company has; many companies employ JMP to efficiently and effectively generate it. But many questions remain. Once it’s generated, how is this knowledge managed? What happens to the observations and analyses recorded in data tables? How can findings from one study be compared to previous studies and how can previous studies inform new ones? How do transfers and employee mobility and availability affect research and improvement initiatives?

Without a method to handle data and the knowledge gleaned from this data, it’s very likely that the insights revealed will be lost or unavailable when needed, thus regenerated – often unknowingly – at a cost. This poster provides an overview of the challenges in maintaining the investment in knowledge and two approaches to contain, secure and recall insights, analyses and supporting data.