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Letting Go of Excel: Hello Formula Editor

Mark Chahl MarkSChahl, Senior Staff Engineer, ExxonMobil Chemical    
Jerry Cooper jerry.cooper, JMP Systems Engineer, SAS


JMP has a very powerful, easy-to-use Formula Editor, but can be a daunting transition from the world of Excel formulae. So daunting that I used JMP for 16 years before really learning how to use the Formula Editor to do complex calculations six years ago. This beginner-level demo workshop will showcase creating formulas without Formula Editor; Formula Editor basics; use of local variables and parameters; statistical functions; row functions; efficient conditional formula writing and testing; using column properties in formulas; and test functions.




Erratum / Apology:

During the discussion of using the Loc Sorted() function, I attributed it to Jeff Perkinson. I should have thanked Brady Brady - see post. My sincere apologies to Brady

thanks for sharing.

it`s great topic, but it`s pity that vidoe quality is bad to read

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