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JMP Poster - Relationship between Patient Satisfaction and Provider Productivity

Providers are under continuous pressure to provide high patient satisfaction while maintaining greater levels of productivity. It was important to understand whether these goals are antagonistic and if so, optimal trade-off point. The Army measures patient satisfaction through its Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey (APLSS). Similar to the Civilian Sector’s Value Based Purchasing, the Army rewards satisfaction through its Integrated Resourcing and Incentive System. To determine the relationship between satisfaction and productivity (RVUs per provider per day), repeated measures analysis was conducted. Each provider was measured 12 different times (equal intervals). The results from JMP are used to show hospital senior leadership the relationship between the two variables and that one can simultaneously maintain both high satisfaction and productivity. 


Dr Melissa Gliner, Senior Health Policy Analyst, US Army MEDCOM Kenneth Kovats, Senior Nurse Analyst, US Army MEDCOM, Dawn Garcia, Nurse Analyst, Richard Thorp, Deputy Chief of Analysis and Evaluation, US Army MEDCOM, US Army MEDCOM,  Robert Goodman, Deputy Chief of Staff for Resources, Infrastructure and Strategy, US Army Office of the Surgeon General

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