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Visualizing Spatial Information From Multiple Measures Within a Unit; Supported by JSL

Tony Cooper, PhD, Principal Analytical Consultant, SAS
Sam Edgemon, Principal Technical Consultant, SAS 

Semiconductor wafer manufacture and CMMs (coordinate measurement machines) provide many measurements for a single part. Another example of repeated measures within a unit is defect counts. This data includes a within unit location. Modeling using the spatial information can be difficult, but spatial information should always be used in visualization. The potential information provided by this data includes: “Is the current unit similar to other recent units?” and “Where are the opportunities concentrated within the unit?” This data can be analyzed and visualized using principal components analysis (PCA), multivariate control charts and clustering. Most importantly, the data will be visualized using custom maps within JMP. There will need to be more than one arrangement of the data in order for the analysis to work; splitting the data for PCA and clustering, but also merging cluster information with the original stacked view. This presentation describes a methodology that is streamlined with JMP scripting to indicate similar processing time periods on a control chart and then map the within part information during each of those time periods.

Please see the attached pdf.

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