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Truth and Lies: Consumer Perception vs. Data

Rosario Murguia, Consumer and Product Research Manager, Procter & Gamble
Diana Ballard diball , Senior Consulting Statistician, Predictum Inc.
Michael E. Haslam, PhD, Vice President of Application Development, Predictum Inc.

Consumer research is all about understanding perception and behaviors. The question is: Do consumers act as they think? If they do not, then asking consumers questions about their habits is unlikely to generate reliable data on their actual behavior. We collected both survey and actual-use data in JMP to understand the difference between perception and behaviors when using a battery charging device. This presentation will discuss many of the challenges faced in cleaning the data and merging the surveys and measured data sets. We will demonstrate how we used JSL to translate XML files into JMP and reformatted the data tables into files useful for exploration and analysis. We will show some reports using traditional scatter and box plots and others using custom reports from consumer research categorical analysis. We close by discussing the new insights that were obtained from combining survey and actual-use data sets together.

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