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Transforming Consumer Surveys into Consumer Insight Using JMP® 12

Mike Creed (creed.mj), Consumer Modeling Expert, Procter & Gamble
Diane Farris (farris.dd), Consumer Modeling Leader, Procter & Gamble

Thousands of P&G consumer researchers use a wide variety of research techniques to gain a deep understanding of the world’s consumers. Many of these techniques incorporate surveys in the method. P&G consumer researchers have years of survey data at their fingertips. Survey data has unique characteristics that make importing, analysis and reporting in many software packages challenging. Survey data has many attributes and JMP Column properties preserve and leverage the richness of these data sets. The Categorical platform in JMP, structured interface and local data filter are both powerful and easy to use in the exploration of survey data. This talk will provide a demonstration of these unique features. P&G’s scientists and engineers have explored their technical data with JMP since its first version. P&G consumer researchers now use JMP 12 to explore survey data, discover insights and build consumer models. These new users will start in JMP, stay in JMP and grow their quantitative skills in JMP.

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