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Level I

Solving Data Extraction and Analysis Problems Effectively and Efficiently Using Interactive JMP® Interfaces and the RunProgram Command

When working in the field of data analysis, sometimes just locating and extracting the data to be investigated can be extremely difficult.  Add to that the struggles of organizing and manipulating a large data set and there exists a real data analysis problem.  This poster illustrates the benefits of using the new RunProgram command, along with an interactive user interface with multiple options, to extract data from multiple data sources (including tunneling into a Unix data server).  This solution makes use of If Boxes to simplify what is seen in the interface based on initial user selections.  This not only reduces potential confusion for the user, but also creates a very clean interface.  Finally, this poster will illustrate some benefits of doing initial data manipulation on the raw data prior to delivering the final data set back to the end user, including providing embedded table properties to automate future potential analyses the user will likely want to perform.


Nice job Jake... walking away with the Best Poster Award at Discovery Summit 2015.