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Process Capability in JMP® 12 - A New Look

Susan Walsh, JMP Principal Technical Support Statistician, SAS
Laura Lancaster, PhD, JMP Principal Research Statistician Developer, SAS 

JMP 12 includes a new platform for examining the performance of a process in relationship to the specification limits. This presentation will address process capability and the new functionality the Process Capability platform brings to JMP. The presentation will begin with a short introduction to process capability. What is capability analysis and why is it important? The assumptions of the analysis will also be addressed briefly. With this foundation provided, the presentation will begin the analysis itself the JMP way: graphical evaluation first. This will include a discussion of both goal plots and box plots. Finally, the presentation will look at the reports provided by the Process Capability platform. Included in the presentation will be the handling of one-sided and asymmetric spec limits and use of subgroups in the analysis.

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