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Plenary: All Graphs Are Wrong, but Some Are Useful - Xan Gregg

Xan Gregg (xan@jmp), JMP Director of Research and Development, SAS



Data visualization is our most efficient tool for understanding information, but it’s far from perfect. Collected data is an imperfect representation of the underlying information. A graph is an imperfect representation of the data. Our understanding is an imperfect representation of the graph. But don’t despair. Xan Gregg, creator of the Graph Builder, will talk about how understanding visual perception can help us make more effective data visualizations.



Slides are attached in three formats (Keynote, PDF, and PowerPoint). Keynote is the original format; the others have only approximate representations of the transitions.


Data files for the demos are also attached. I've removed the St. Louis Post-Dispatch image; it is available online at August 24: Out of balance : News.




Thanks for sharing all of these materials -- and in different formats!

This was an excellent talk. Thank you very much for sharing.

Loved this talk Xan!  Thanks for sharing your materials!

‌Graph Builder is innovative and makes our work easier, interactive and insightful.

I see that Human Perception was factored in the design / layout of graphs.

Wonderful talk.

Much appreciated!

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