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Managing for Desired Environmental Conditions at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

George Otto, Quantitative Ecologist, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Sam Edgemon, Principal Technical Consultant, SAS
Tony Cooper, Principal Analytical Consultant, SAS

The mission of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is to manage resources for the long-term well-being and benefit of people, animals and the environment. The FWC has collected data for many years on the condition of vegetation communities for monitoring the outcomes caused by management decisions, but implementing the data into actionable information has been challenging due to perceived complexity. The FWC, a government agency, now uses JMP to identify landscapes requiring restoration activities and subsequently informs the budgetary process of future monetary requirements and resource allocations. Its primary managerial instrument is a JMP dashboard, using current data, empowered by the analytical power of JMP as well as JMP add-ins. The dashboard enables users to query and visualize historical conditions to monitor a series of “warning lights” that indicate when optimal conditions have not been met, and uses a new JMP 12 capability to categorize certain areas of interest with photographs captured over time. The dashboard developed by the FWC enables information to be shared by individuals across departments; additional JMP capabilities are demonstrated by users interested in ad hoc analysis.

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