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Analyzing Survey Data in JMP®: From Import to Discovery

Melinda Thielbar (melinda.thielbar, PhD, JMP Senior Research Statistician Developer, SAS


Surveys are a unique data source, both in terms of how the data is collected and how the data is stored. Standard analysis techniques such as linear modeling can lead to misleading results if naively applied to stratified or clustered survey samples. Important metadata, often attached in a header or companion file, can be lost if the wrong import steps are used. This session shows JMP 12 features designed to make survey analysis easier, as well as advanced JMP techniques that can be used to analyze survey data in a way that respects sampling design. These techniques can allow researchers to discover new patterns in their survey studies, as well as speed up standard analyses using unique features in JMP. The methods shown can be applied to any data set with a large number of categorical variables.


Instructions for running the code examples:


JMP cannot distribute the survey results, so you need to download the data from the NEA website and run the data preparation scripts to get started. Use the following steps:


1) Go to this page: Supplementary Materials Related to the NEA's 2012 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts | NEA to download the data in *.sav form.

2) Run the Run_Me_FirstOrganizeSurveyData.jsl script to create the column groups and the additional column for relative weights.

3) Once you have the resulting data table as your active table, the code in the examples should run.


Right-click the hyperlinks and select "Set Script" to see the code in the scripts.

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