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Publishing From JMP®


Catherine Hosage Norman, PhD, President and Founder, Module 3 Solutions

Ever want to publish data or a graph from JMP, for example, to accompany a journal article or make pretty tables with titles for a submission to the FDA from your SAS data sets? Ever try to get the comments out of Excel? Cutting and pasting tables has many limitations: It only works for tabular structures, and there is no way to control formatting. The Office Open XML standard, known informally as Open XML, is a document format that primarily consists of XML parts stored in a compressed package. The Open XML standard represents word-processing documents (WordprocessingML), spreadsheets (SpreadsheetML) and presentations (PresentationML). This talk will demonstrate how JSL can be used to create batch files that create scripts called PowerShell PowerTools comandlets to create and edit documents. PowerShell and Open XML is a powerful and convenient way to automate document processing. JSL's XML utility functions are used to create XML fragments that are inserted into Open XML documents for
seamless publishing from JMP.

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