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Aug 19, 2014

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Fit Y-by-X: A Tutorial


Karen Copeland, PhD, Statistician, Boulder Statistics

As the JMP developers have innovated and expanded the capabilities of JMP over the years, the number of ways we, as users, can interact and control the JMP platforms has exploded. This tutorial will be grounded in a platform that has been around since the beginning of time: Fit Y-by-X. We will start with the basic platform functionality and then explore more recent additions, such as ANOM and equivalence testing. Along the way we will digress and learn to use the data filter, the column viewer, the column switcher, how to change line colors (even when the option to do so isn't apparent), and other workflow tricks that are useful across JMP platforms. The goal of the tutorial is to speed the learning curve of new users by focusing on one platform to learn how to work within JMP. And for seasoned users? Who knows? JMP is full of hidden gems – I might just show one you have yet to discover.


This "paper" is going to be a "live" tutorial and as such there is not a set of slides to share.  Looking forward to Discovery next week!


since this was a live demo, can you post the JMP tables/script files so i can attempt to follow along with the PDF?

I already found great use from this article in finding the 'local data filter' option under the script menu... I was previously subseting my data and rerunning my fit x by y scripts each time i needed to filter!.. thank you!!!

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