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Consumer Test Evaluation Using a Combination of JMP® Functionality Plus Customized JSL Scripts Ticks All Efficiency and Effectiveness Boxes for Mondelēz RD&Q


Jeff Stagg, MEU Statistics Manager, Mondelēz International
David Rose, PhD, Analytics Consultant, SAS Marlow UK

Mondelēz empowers its staff by developing user-friendly tools for customized data handling, calculation and reporting. JMP software houses a multiproduct consumer test evaluation (MCTE) tool used by the global Consumer Science function. Previously used for single-consumer test evaluation, the tool's recent enhancements in functionality enable easier regional (multicountry) assessment and flexible format report generation. Approaches to product selection using standard JMP functionality and regional analysis and reporting using Mondelēz's MCTE tool will be demonstrated. More specifically, customized JMP scripts evaluate Consumer JAR scales that summarize attribute importance and product change opportunity. JAR scales measure levels of a product's attribute relative to a respondent's theoretical ideal level. These scales have an anchored midpoint of "just-about-right" and endpoints anchored to represent intensity
levels of the attributes that are higher and lower than ideal. A user-friendly report generator is another recent development. While innovative in design to meet diverse user requirements, its success was more dependent on its capability to produce structured Microsoft Word reports. The MCTE tool has significantly reduced training and analysis time and ensured use of good statistical practices. Its success results from a close collaboration between Mondelēz UK and SAS Professional Services in Marlow.

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