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Analysis of Personal Diet and Fitness Data with JMP

I will be presenting a poster on the early phase of my food log and activity data import and visualization project at the JMP Discovery 2014 conference in Cary next month.  The poster details how I exported nearly 4 years worth of data from BodyMedia(R) software and imported it into JMP 12.  I'm what you might consider an early, early adopter of JMP 12 since I work for JMP.  I guess you could say I'm manager of development operations, but like many other people who work for JMP, I'm also a client! 

I hope you will stop by during the poster session to hear more about my ongoing project, but if you can't make it, here is a pdf of my e-poster that you can check out.  Please note that the links from objects to later pages don't work in the pdf like they do in the PowerPoint version of the e-poster, but you can page past the first few pages to see larger versions of the pictures. 


It is a very interesting study, and I can see that need a great determination to keep such many daily records... Great work!


Thanks, Sean!  I appreciate your kind words.  I've been doing it so long it's a habit now.  I have used paper notebooks to keep diet records in the past, so now that I use an app to record my food logs, it seems so easy in comparison!  The app I use (the BodyMedia FIT app) lets me add portion info and export the data, so I don't have to calculate all the details like macronutrient percentages or total calories.  The activity monitor does the passive data collection for me and the app integrates it all.  Now if I could just get my weight training data out of my notebooks and into JMP without having to type it all up...I think I'm out of luck on that one!