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Using the JMP® EMP Feature with Observational Data from Designed Experiments...

 Using the JMP® EMP Feature with Observational Data from Designed Experiments: A Lean Approach to Measurement System Analysis


Stephen W. Czupryna, Consultant, ObDOE

We all know that a good Measurement System Analysis (MSA) is a prerequisite to top-notch experimentation, but we seldom act on this knowledge. The current economic climate presses us to do more with less, so we scrimp on the MSA. A lean approach to MSA would ideally use data that needs to be collected for another purpose – observational data – instead of collecting data for use only in an MSA. JMP has implemented Donald Wheeler's EMP approach to MSA, which allows us to do just that. The repeated measurements made in a typical designed experiment can easily be used to perform a "sanity check" on the measurement system and the data quality. If the data quality is poor, this data can be chalked up to an MSA indicating the need for improvement. If the data quality is good, it does double duty, both as an MSA and as a designed experiment. In this talk I will show you how to perform an EMP analysis using the data you collect using a designed experiment.

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