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Jun 14, 2017

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Translating Historical Assay Performance Data into Useful Information Through JMP® and JSL

 Translating Historical Assay Performance Data into Useful Information Through JMP® and JSL


Marianne Toft, PhD, Statistician, Novozymes A/S

All too often, databases are just used for storing data. This presentation will show how we try to get more knowledge and understanding from historical data on assay performance through JMP and JSL. At Novozymes we have around 350 different analytical assays designed to measure the quality of our products, which are industrial enzymes used in business areas like food and beverages, household care, agriculture, leather, pulp and paper, and bioenergy. This presentation will show some scripts we have made to extract data from our LIMS mirror-database (an SQL database). One script computes control charts on a selected assay across up to eight QC laboratories in five different countries and is used for troubleshooting on individual assays. Another script calculates the average level and variation of all assays in all laboratories to get an overview of assay performance and is used to help us focus our general assay optimization resources.

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