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The Evolution of Control Chart Builder for JMP® 11

 The Evolution of Control Chart Builder for JMP® 11


Tonya Mauldin, Senior Analytics Software Tester, SAS
Annie Dudley Zangi, Research Statistician Developer, SAS

The Control Chart Builder was introduced in JMP 10 as a tool combining a drag-and-drop environment with the analytical portions of traditional control charts. In JMP 10, the Control Chart Builder could model many types of charts, including individual, average, moving range, range, standard deviation and three-way charts. In JMP 11, we introduce attribute and rare event charts, all based on discrete distributions, binomial, negative binomial or Poisson. With JMP 11, the attribute charts will automatically summarize raw data – for example, pass/fail data – coming directly from the evaluation system. For multilevel data, such as survey response data, the platform offers an interface for changing selections to model and update the graph in real time. This session will discuss and demonstrate new features in the Control Chart Builder, including attribute charts, rare event charts, handling survey data, and summarizing data for presentation and control.

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