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Jun 14, 2017

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Scripting Fun with JMP®: JSL Against Impatience

 Scripting Fun with JMP®: JSL Against Impatience


Katharina Lankers, PhD, Research and Development Scientist, SCHOTT AG

In the manufacturing processes at SCHOTT AG, JMP scripting language (JSL) helps to increase the speed of data analyses. Time-consuming procedures like database queries, pre-processing and statistical analyses can be automated by scripts, and thus made available for engineers and operators. But once JSL scripts are developed for all those processes, the user – after having started the script – has nothing to do but wait for the output. Precious time is wasted staring at the screen and waiting – some people hate that! So what happens? After a while, users get nervous, fearing JMP has forgotten them or has stopped working. The impatient user makes some mouse clicks trying to wake JMP, and in the worst case scenario the wonderful script, which is running in the background, crashes. To prevent engineers from doing this, we decided to script some new features intended to entertain the user during these seconds of passivity. The features we are going to show in this session are, in a sense, useless, in that they do not increase product quality or yield – but may help stabilize the process of analyzing data.

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