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Jun 14, 2017

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Import Data Using SQL for Databases and Text Files with JSL

Import Data Using SQL for Databases and Text Files with JSL


Jeremy Francis, Data Extraction and Visualization Engineer, Intel

There is often a need to open multiple data tables in JMP and then modify that data using summaries, subsets, concatenates or joins before using graphing platforms. In many cases, a user will perform these activities manually, or may write a script to do some or all of the steps. When working with large data sets, it is possible to run out of memory before the analysis is complete, especially when multiple graphics are involved. Performance can be improved by reducing the amount of data JMP opens and the number of operations needed to perform a series of tasks. Combining the power of SQL and JMP using JSL has proven useful in reducing the number of steps required to construct a desired data set. One of the most underused features of JMP scripting is querying text files using SQL. This paper/presentation will demonstrate how to import, filter and join multiple text files using SQL within a JSL script, and will also include time and memory comparisons between this method and traditional methods.

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