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Mousetrap on Steroids: An Underused JMP® Scripting Language Function...

 Mousetrap on Steroids: An Underused JMP® Scripting Language Function for Enhancing the Designs of Decision Support Systems


John Salmon, Research Engineer, Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology

Recent efforts in designing decision support systems (DSS) for various customers of the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology have resulted in some interesting interactive visualizations not available in the traditional suite of JMP reports. One of the key enablers for these visualizations is the JMP Scripting Language mousetrap function. This function allows other ways the user can interact with data directly on graph boxes for a more immersive user experience. Decision-making applications implementing this feature have been found to complement the capabilities of JMP software and facilitate the classical data exploration activities of filtering, zooming, etc. In addition, mousetrap functionality — applied to multiple coordinated views with time series data, network diagram creation and exploration, and experimentation with mouse gestures — were tested and evaluated for improving the analysis and usability of decision support systems. Dashboards and other tools were significantly decluttered by replacing some of the controls with graph box-based mouse actions, resulting in simpler and less distracting layouts and often more intuitive designs. Examples of advanced uses of the mousetrap function in DSS include work performed for Lockheed Martin, NASA and other organizations.

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