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Collaborative Approach Creates a Successful Kraft Application for Consumer Test Evaluation...

 Collaborative Approach Creates a Successful Kraft Application for Consumer Test Evaluation Using JMP® 10

David Rose, PhD, Principal Implementation Consultant, SAS UK
Jeff Stagg, Principal Scientist , Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods promotes statistical thinking and best practices globally with the development of software tools that execute complex data handling, calculation and reporting. JMP software was selected as the platform to provide a multi-product consumer test evaluation tool for the global Consumer Science function in Kraft Foods. Developed in 2009 in collaboration with SAS Professional Services in Marlow, it is now deployed to more than 40 consumer science professionals around the world. There are obvious benefits: the ease and speed of use reduces the processing time by half; the consistent use of best practice in analysis methods improves interpretation; and tailored reporting formats enable smart and efficient communication to customers. Just as important are the people benefits: many more are empowered through training and coaching to conduct effective analyses on their own, with confidence and their knowledge of product and process fully applied to the interpretation. Application development continues as user enthusiasm and feedback drive change in both flexibility and functionality. Developments in 2012 have taken advantage of new capabilities introduced in JMP 10; an online help manual is incorporated and Kraft Foods analysis methods are customized with JMP Scripting Language. We'll discuss: 1) an iterative clustering technique that reduces the uncertainty in individual consumer assignment to a cluster (a group of consumers with similar product preferences) and 2) consumers' Just About Right [JAR] scale evaluation, which generates insight for product change. The full standard JMP functionality (e.g., DOE, regression analysis, etc.) complements the customized scripts to provide the user with the ultimate tool to evaluate multiproduct consumer tests within Kraft Foods, so much so that users enjoy this work!

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