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Jun 14, 2017

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Using JMP Scripts to Generate an SPC Dashboard with OBDC Link

 Using JMP Scripts to Generate an SPC Dashboard with OBDC Link



Greg Flexman, Process and Risk Analysis – Talecris Biotherapeutics

As paper measurement and recording systems are replaced by advanced monitoring and electronic databases, there has been a proliferation in the amount of data generated and collected.   The evolution and application of analytical tools to review this accumulation of data has in some cases lagged behind the volume of data collection.  As the complexity of the technology required to archive and manage the volumes of data increases, the process owners can be left without a clear window into actionable understanding.  Specialized software tools that are capable of consolidating and analyzing data from such reservoirs can require significant capital investment to implement and interpretation can be daunting for the non-analyst. The example JMP scripted application demonstrates how these issues were addressed in a cost-effective manner by developing a graphical SPC dashboard that was linked via OBDC to a data collection system.  This enables the distribution of basic process monitoring tools broadly in the organization, allowing production and quality personnel to monitor operations more efficiently and frequently.   The graphics were designed to be rapidly, visually interpretable and utilize a combination of SPC charts.  This tool was developed without capital investment or external resources, and may be applied across all of the attributes that are archived in this system. The presentation will review not only the overall scripting architecture and graphical features employed, but the business factors related to process monitoring and deployment of a scripted analytic tool within an organization.

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