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Jun 14, 2017

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Using JMP® Graphics to Explore Business Solutions

 Using JMP® Graphics to Explore Business Solutions


Wenyu Su, The Dow Chemical Co.

With the evolving statistical analysis complexity of Dow business, statistical tools are valuable aids for analyzing data in the quality improvement process. JMP software has been utilized by many researchers at Dow for data analysis purposes to achieve business solutions due to its nice features of powerful statistical analysis and data visualization. However, the complexity of some of the statistical analysis has limited our ability to leverage understanding to those who are statistically less savvy.


This poster introduces how we have used JMP graphics to explore business solutions in several DOE studies within DOW Research and Development. Examples will be used to illustrate how different graphics (prediction profiler, mixture profiler, parallel plot, graph builder, dashboard, etc.) have been utilized to help reach a larger audience base, especially for business decision makers who need to easily interpret the results.

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