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Jun 14, 2017

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Fun with Dialog Boxes and the JMP Scripting Language

Fun with Dialog Boxes and the JMP Scripting Language


Peter Mroz, Johnson and Johnson.

Dialog boxes in JMP are a powerful, user-friendly way to interact with the user. For example by allowing users to only select from a given set of values you can avoid entry errors. You can present all possible options necessary for an analysis on one convenient screen. Through the use of the JMP Script Language (JSL), you can make your dialog box dynamic, by having one part of a dialog box interact with another part. For example you could have a pick list that shows database tables to select, and radio buttons that control how this list is sorted (i.e. alphabetically or by creation date). Or you could have pick lists that are loaded from database tables, where the data that are loaded depend on other selections in the dialog box. This talk will show examples of complex dialog boxes, including a database query tool and a calendar popup. Dynamic techniques using JSL will be highlighted.

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