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Jun 14, 2017

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A JMP-Based User-Friendly Analysis and Presentation System for Consumer Test Evaluation....

A JMP-Based User-Friendly Analysis and Presentation System for Consumer Test Evaluation & Interpretation in the Food Industry


 Jeff Stagg, Principal Scientist – Kraft Foods
David Rose, Implementation Consultant – SAS UK

Kraft Foods promotes statistical thinking and best practices globally with the development of software tools that execute complex data handling and calculation. The choice of software platform depends on both software capability and customer requirements to determine the optimal cost/quality solution. JMP software was selected as the platform to provide a CONSUMER TEST EVALUATION tool for the global Sensory/Consumer function in Kraft Foods. It replaces a set of Kraft Foods-developed data analysis macros written in various other software packages. JMP scripts combine data handling and calculation requirements with novel high-quality graphical output tailored for import into PowerPoint presentations. Products are assigned names, labels and multiple color profiles that are automatically used in all graphical routines. Statistical analysis methods within the Kraft Foods application include principal components analysis (PCA), regression, clustering and multiple range tests and graphical output including customized histogram, frequency, stacked, scatter, star plots and both 2D and 3D PCA charts. Importantly, all native JMP software capabilities remain available to users of the package, but the Kraft Foods application product names and color profiles are not tied to these procedures. The CONSUMER TEST EVALUATION tool has halved analysis time, significantly reduced training time, minimized calculation error, ensured/increased use of Kraft Foods best practices and reduced software costs. Its success results from a close collaboration between Kraft Foods U.K. Banbury and SAS Professional Services in Marlow. The application is now deployed globally under International and U.S. Master License Agreements, which enables flexibility of deployment to an evolving customer base.

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