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Release Notes - July 2020

The JMP User Community is a place for learning and collaboration. The goal of our changes to the Community is to improve those experiences for users.

New Features and Updates


Groups in the Community have been upgraded. Groups have been expanded to include the potential for a knowledge base and wish list in addition to the existing discussions area. For more information, read Groups Reimagined .


UI Changes 

  • Improved readability and spacing in a thread by aligning and grouping buttons on a single line.
  • Fixed a bug in which the video controls were not properly displayed when playing a video.
  • Improved layout when replying to a post by removing unnecessary buttons and providing more clarity between headers and text.
  • Initiated the process of bringing consistency to button styles across the Community to make it easier to understand what action to take.
    • A primary button has a blue background with white text. These buttons are used most frequently to perform a task.primary.png
    • A basic or secondary button has a white background with blue text and border. These buttons can be useful but are not used often.
    • A special action button has an orange background with white text.
  • Improved layout when editing a post by removing unnecessary buttons and providing more clarity between sections.
  • Updated Last Modified date to display only if an article has been modified. If the article has not been modified, only the date the article was created is shown.
  • Increased the size of the download icon to be more prominent to help avoid confusion in how to download an attachment
  • Improved layout when creating a blog post by aligning the buttons on a single line.
  • Included list of posts for Topics I've Participated In, My Latest Contributions, and My Archived Contributions on Profile page.
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