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Member Spotlight: KristenBradford

Member Spotlight Banner.jpg

Community members are known by their usernames. You come to know their personas as they ask and answer questions, share best practices, or write blog posts. Now you can get to know the Community members behind the usernames in our Member Spotlight series. The series is designed to foster greater connections between our Community members. 


For the next few spotlights, we shine the light on JMP Support. Get to know this savvy technical team that answers your questions and provides helpful solutions.


@KristenBradford answers a few of our questions


What is one of your favorite hobbies?

Playing pool (billiards). I met my husband in 2010 when we were both playing competitively. We have a 9 foot pool table in our home and still play daily, mostly when our toddler is finally asleep.


Tell us a podcast, television series, book or movie you found entertaining in the last year.

The Last of Us. I’m not typically someone to get into shows with zombies, but this show was so well done and more believable than most shows in this genre. One of the episodes from this season will almost certainly go down as one of the best things I’ve ever seen on tv or cinema. I won’t spoil it for those that still want to binge this one!


Using only food, where did you grow up?

Calabash seafood and oyster roasts


What advice/tip would you share about JMP that you’ve found helpful

I came from the SAS world and I’ve been delighted with how easy JMP is to use. I have particularly loved the interactive question mark that links to the documentation, the way that JMP builds JSL underneath the hood as you work interactively, and certainly the new Workflow Builder. My advice for new (and veteran) users is to take advantage of these features because you never know when you’ll learn a new trick in JMP that makes your analysis more efficient. I love that 4 years into this role, I’m still learning new things in JMP every day.


Which one?

  • Morning or late night - Late night (if you've spoken with me before noon, you understand!)
  • JSL or Graph Builder - Graph builder
  • Picnic or restaurant - Restaurant
  • Hot chocolate, coffee, or tea - Coffee


Thanks for letting us get to know you, @KristenBradford 


Last Modified: Nov 21, 2023 4:11 PM