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JMP doesn't remember the location where my license file is after computer restart


Community Member


Nov 2, 2015

I have just installed JMP 12.1 and I am setting up a shared location to where the JMP.per license is stored so that all of our approved users can point to the license file. I have put the file on a secure TeamSpace location and I am able to navigate to it when renewing my license.  The license is accepted.  I can restart the application and it still recognizes the license, but when I restart my computer and start JMP I get an error that my license isn't found.




Sep 26, 2014


I am with JMP Technical Support.  I have created a Technical Support track for you and will be getting in touch with you shortly so we can look closer at the setup of the network license file.

After we have come to a conclusion, I will post the resolution here for future reference.

Bobby Riggs

JMP Technical Support