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Sharing Static Output

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In this video, you learn how to copy and paste static output into another program, and how to save static output in an image format.


To start, we run an analysis. We’ll run a distribution analysis using the Impurity data.

We select Outcome for Y, Columns, and click OK to run the analysis.

Let’s say that we’d like to copy the bar chart and frequencies for Outcome into a Microsoft Word document.

First, we click the selection tool in the toolbar. The selection tool is the fat plus sign.

Then we click the content that we want to copy. The selected content is highlighted. For example, if we want to copy only the bar chart, then we click on the bottom corner of the bar chart, making sure that both the labels and the bar chart are highlighted.

Here, we want to select all of the content for Outcome. So we click the gray bar for Outcome.

To copy, we select Copy from the Edit menu, or use the keyboard shortcut (Control-C, or Command-C on a Mac).

Then we open Word and select Paste.

Let’s say that we want to paste as a high-quality graph object instead. To do this, we select Paste Special from the Paste drop-down menu, and from the list we select Picture (Enhanced Metafile). If you’re using a Mac use Paste Special and select PDF.

Instead of copying and pasting into another program, you can save your output in a variety of graphic formats.

Here, we’ll save the analysis results for Outcome as a PNG file.

To do this, we use Edit and then Save Selection As. If you’re on a Mac, use File and then Export.


In the drop-down list, you can see the available file types.


We’ll select PNG and change the name to Outcome Distribution.


The default resolution is 300 DPI. We’ll change this to a higher resolution, 600, and then click Save to create the file.


This image file can now be shared with others, or it can be imported into documents or presentations.

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