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Saving Row States


You may be familiar with Row States in JMP like hiding and excluding rows, but have you ever used the special Row State data type to save those settings and or even attributes like color, marker, and other row state information.


Let's say you've done some analysis work involving excluding and hiding select rows of data. And you create a Graph, ave that by Saving Script to Data Table and then change or revert your saved row states back to the original values. Even though you saved your data table, you lost some critical row settings that you were using for that Graph.


For those row states to be saved and used again I'll create a new Column and right-Click and select Column Info. I'll rename the Column and change the data type to Row States. Now in the Column panel on the left I see my Row States Column I just created has a star icon, I'll right-click that star icon and select Add From Row States . This will add the current and active row states to this Row State Column.


So let's say that I clear the row states, if I want to add those states I previously saved I can go to the star again of that Row State Column and select Add To Row States which returns that hard work I did on those row states.

So as long as you save your Data Table with that Column of Row States they will always be accessible and ready for your next analysis. And yes you can have multiple Columns of Row State versions.

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