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Submit your abstract to the call for content for Discovery Summit Americas by April 23. Selected abstracts will be presented at Discovery Summit, Oct. 21- 24.
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  Webinar Overview Linear mixed models — linear models with both fixed and random effects — have become widely taught in many disciplines due to their ability to handle non-independence among observations, a challenge that students are likely to encounter at some point in their careers. JMP and JMP Pro include extensive mixed modeling capabilities, with an interactive no-code interface that makes mixed models more approachable for many students. This webinar presents tools for analyzing basic blocking structures in JMP before moving on to JMP Pro for tutorials on analyzing data with more complex covariance structures and on mixed models for non-normal response data (generalized linear mixed models). We provide teaching tips along the way, including pointers to relevant teaching resources from the JMP Academic team.   Helpful Links Register for upcoming JMP Academic webinars: JMP for academics: Free teaching materials: JMP for students:   Timestamps 0:00 Introduction 6:55 ANOVA with blocking effect in JMP 19:23 ANOVA with blocking effect in JMP Pro 24:53 Visualizing shrinkage 30:18 Random coefficients model 35:32 Visualizing covariance 39:15 Repeated measures 46:37 Visualizing correlations among residuals 51:08 Generalized linear mixed models 55:25 Teaching resources 4:28 Kaplan-Meier Analysis 14:17 Proportional Hazards Models 26:30 Estimating Time-to-Event Distributions 36:55 Left and Interval Censoring 40:40 Parametric Survival Models 47:40 Accelerated Life Testing 53:41 Degradation Analysis 56:28 Teaching Resources
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