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I would really appreciate a "Replace & Find Next" button in the Find dialog box, so I don't have to keep alternating between the Find button and the Replace button when I am trying to step through replacements in a long script.


For example, BBEdit has this, together with a few other convenient enhancements relative to JSL FInd dialog:


Don't mean to steal their ideas, but…actually…I guess I do. Maybe you could ask their permission…

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Thanks, Jeff. There you go. The Search pane from my favorite text editor, BBEdit.

Find All pops up a pane with a list of all occurrences of found text by line number, that you can then scroll thru.

Extract creates a new document in which the selected text is concatenated.

Replace & Find does what I originally suggested.

Search in selected text only is also a useful feature. Wrap around is I guess the JMP default.


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Thanks, @john_madden. This looks more like a bug since the Find dialog works more like what you want on Windows. We'll take a look at it and see what's up.