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Mark up notes.

I enjoy using JMP and have been a user for many years.  But one area that is lacking is the ability to make notes on a file.  Compared to Jupyter notebooks/Lab or R.  There isn't really a place to add comments to your work on the file.  I guess you can use the Journal tool, but that is more for use when you want to combine several studies.  i don't have a way of making notes to remind me or someone whomever I'm sharing the file if there were any interesting insights. 

Level VI

I agree.  The next big step in output and reporting for JMP to pursue aught to be some sort of markup functionality.  In v16 an initial step was taken in Journals, allowing for JSL to be placed in a Journal which can be re-run and the resulting updated output is shown, and it would be great for this to continue to be improved.  What would great would be the ability to create a "ready to print" output report with descriptive text and JMP output.  A similar functionality as Rmarkdown would be great.

Level IV

This would be a great way to bring to the attention of table users any developments / corrections/ updates which they should be aware of.

Level IV

One workaround might be to use a New Table Variable which can be read by other users. Example below. To read the Important Notes just right click/Edit


Names Default To Here( 1 );
dt = Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big" );
dt << Set Table Variable(
	"Important Notes  ",
	"I enjoy using JMP and have been a user for many years."
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi @keasv99, thank you for your suggestion! We have captured your request and will take it under consideration.