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Level II

Building a new path to scientific discovery with Riffyn & JMP


The number one asset of any scientific R+D company is its data. But only if that data is meaningful and trustworthy. To help drive this point home, Riffyn founder Tim Gardner Tim introduces us to the Vasa, a 17th c. Swedish warship that, at the time, was the largest ship in the world. Built largely to intimidate Sweden’s enemies, the ship was constructed using the standards of the day, with little regard to the uniqueness of the vessel. With too much of the weight residing in the upper structure of the hull, the Vasa was dangerously unstable and sunk less than one mile into its maiden voyage. Unfortunately, Tim says not much has changed with the current way we do development. Instead of launching one well-designed, well-thought out project, we launch 25, hoping at least one of those will “float.” On a mission to make science work better, Tim spends the rest of the talk discussing a process-centric approach to creating and harnessing data of extraordinary value …using Riffyn Nexus and JMP.


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