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Waterfall Chart addin for both viewpoints of ID and Time

Currently JMP®14 does not support waterfall chart making as the analysis or graph platforms. JMP® Clinical supports waterfall chart as one of review options from CDISC format data. However, many JMP users around medical field have often asked waterfall chart makig on JMP. Only Graph Builder can make change ratio type graph on IDs. In this case, the data table must be modified from original data table by the user manually.


In this time, I made the waterfall chart making addin script. When the addin "WFChart_ID_Time.jmpaddin" was installed and run on JMP®14 dialogue window comes out looks like an anlysis platform.

The objective data table includes (ID column and Time columns) like attached "WF Original Data" or (Time column and ID columns) like attched "WF Original Data". Actually these data tables are transposed each other.

On the dialogue window, data table is selected from pull-down list of left-top combo box. Both types of table can be selected. When [Table] button was clicked, column (variable) names on the selected data table are listed on the left side box. From the list, The variables as ID and Time are assigned by the buttons, [ID] and [Time] respectively.  In the ID list or in the Time list, only 1 variable is assigned. It depends on the data table type, (ID and multiple Times) or (Time and multple IDs).




When [OK] button was clicked after the variables were assigned, new data table is generated and 2 types of waterfall chart are made on Graph Builder with Local Data Filter. The new data table stacks all IDs and also Times in each ID. And the value data on the original data table is modified and located the other columns.




The waterfall charts are made from the new data table. The one is time-trend chart which shows increase and decrease between initial value and final value. It is popular as stock-price trend graph. Another chart is change-ratio chart on IDs at a time point. It is used for clinical data analysis like medicine effect. In fact, as you know, waterfall chart is originally drawn in 3D space. The above graphs can be combined in 3D. Time is assigned to X and IDs are assigned on Y axis. Finally, value data is plotted as Z-direction change. Therefore, a waterfall chart is one plane view (X-Z or Y-Z) of the 3D chart. Local Data Filter on the generated waterfall charts are useful for the plane view position change to specify  ID on Time-trend chart or Time on Change-ratio chart.


This addin script makes waterfall charts on JMP®14. I wish this addin script helps JMP users who want to make waterfall chart. 




Time trend chart.pngChange rate chart.png





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