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Text Importer - Text, PDF, Word Documents, and Powerpoint

This add-in installs a Text Importer tool for importing a folder of text files, pdfs, word documents, and/or powerpoint presentations into a JMP data table. The folder can contain all types of files. Additionally, this add-in installs required R packages to your My Documents folder: R 3.2.5, NLP, slam, and tm. A manual with step-by-step instructions for installation is also included. Because this add-in installs R packages onto your computer and makes use of Word and PowerPoint VisualBasic macros (that require permission on the first use of the tool), you may need permission or assistance from your IT team.


Currently, the importer is only supported on PCs, not Macs. 


We currently have a version that also scrapes web pages and mines Twitter. However, these additional features require us to work directly with your IT team.


Thanks for posting this Heath. Quick question, I installed the add-in everything seemed fine, checked to make sure visual basic macros were enabled and went to test it out. I tried importing powerpoint, word and text files. In all cases everything seems to be working but then right at the end I get the error message below and no new data table is created. Any idea of how to fix this?





Does this add-in work with JMP 12 or is JMP 13 required for this add-in to work?


Is the file NTSBAccidentReports2001-2003StopWords used by Phil Kay to present the use of Text Explorer available to download?


David Ashling



Hi - I'm very interested in the PDF-reading functionality of this add-in, and have downloaded and installed it to try it out, apparently without any problems.

When I'm running it, I get a message that appears within a JMP window stating that "JMP is currently busy waiting for Word to finish. Press Cancel to stop waiting." Word is not open at this time, and continuing to wait for at least several minutes produces no results, whereas pressing the "Cancel" button provided merely terminates the run.

I've checked that the version of Word I'm running is recent enough (it's Version 1609, Build 7369.2130), and have tried it out on two separate installations: the outcome is the same on each.

I'm able to open the PDF files I'm using to test it (which were created using my installation of Word in the first place) manually from within Word, so it seems not to be just a matter of the PDF files themselves being unreadable.

Can you suggest any reason this might be happening?

if I already have R version 3.5 installed in my machine, should I have to install 3.2 through addin installation?


Hello @herush . Does this add-in still work with JMP 15 and the current version of R (3.6.1)? 

Hi @caseylott , I work with Heath and saw your question. The add-in distributes its own copy of R (3.2.5 if I remember correctly) to a specific location, along with the required versions of the required packages. I just tried it out in JMP 15 and it worked fine. As you can see with the comments, it does not work well for everyone, due to assumptions made about the system architecture in the embedded code, and due to the fact that the JSL calls a batch function which calls Word to run a macro enabled file...a lot can go wrong. This was more of an internal tool that we shared for anyone who was interested. Of course, you are free to open up the contents of the add-in with the add-in builder to see how it works and to make any necessary changes.

All the best,




I installed the addin using word 2016 with JMP15.2 on Win10 and try to open pdf Files.

I get the following in the log window:

Name Unresolved: utility.window in access or evaluation of 'utility.window' , utility.window/*###*/

"Waiting for Word to finish conversion..."

and an alert window.

2020-10-29 19_08_23-JMP.png

Then nothing happens.

Any Idea how to solve the problem?

Thank you

best regards





Hi @mlo1 ,


I’ve started using the File>Import Multiple File tool in JMP and it works great. It has lots of configuration options and I’ve used it to create a Corpus from a few different folders worth of PDFs successfully. I hope this helps.