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Data Analysis Director

This is designed to help new users become comfortable with running different analyses in JMP.  The add-in will ask the user to pick an analysis task, analysis goal, and data type.



After those selections are made the add-in tells you the statistical technique used for that analysis and where to find it inside of JMP.  It also provides some notes and assumptions about that test.


The add-in has four ways to explore that analysis further.

1. Example -  Launches an example using JMP sample data

2. Help - Takes the user to the help for this topic

3. Launch Analysis - Asks the user to select a data table to run this analysis

4. Demo Video - A 3-5 minute demo video from the learning library or STIPs on the topic


If you have any feedback on this add-in please let us know.  


DAD version 17 just posted.  It will only work for people who have JMP version 17 or newer.  Please Check it out.


Thanks very much, @Peter_Hersh


Hi, Peter
This add-in will be very useful for users who primarily use JMP for EDA and SPC purposes.

I just had a quick look and that's already amazing ... I will deep dive in it asap. Great job Peter !!


Great Work !!

Thank you all please let us know if you have any feedback.  The plan is to add on workflows with JMP 17.


Hi Peter

I not sure what's issue with my JMP (15.1 Pro). Addin can be start but 'Task','Goal' & 'Data' are all empty.

Could you give me some advices to fix the issue.

Thanks a lot.



@Peter_Hersh Thanks for this, first impressions are that this will be very useful in helping users transition to JMP

@frank_wang,  This was Built in JMP 16, so unfortunately we don't have backward compatibility.  I hope you are able to update to JMP 16 soon and take advantage of this add-in.


Thanks Peter

I will mention that to our IT Dept.

Also expect for new functions such as 'New log' record and 'Models comparsion'.



This is great, already getting good feedback from our user group!  You should pin it to the top of the "add ins" as well as the "learn JMP" sections of the website until it gets incorporated into the actual program..



Thanks Steve


This is great, Peter. 

Is the code something you would consider releasing as open-source?

This interface and database can be extended to more specific domain applications, such as industrial data science.

Great question.  We have a version we presented at the Discovery conference, but we are in the process of improving this to a more finished version.  If you would like a copy of the version we shared send me an e-mail at


Great work!

I am a fan of the add-in. It reminds me of the approach used in the text Analyzing and Interpreting Continuous Data Using JMP!