Collection: One-Page Guides

A set of one-page guides are available individually from the JMP Academic Resources Center.  Links to the each of these guides along with videos (if available) are provided below.


Download the entire collection of one-page guides (with version 12 updates), combined for printing i... (you'll be asked to provide a bit of information before downloading).


Using JMP

Opening JMP and Getting Started

JMP Data Tables

Importing Data from Excel

Importing Text Files

JMP Tools

JMP Tables Menu

Saving JMP Results

Saving Publication Quality Graphics with JMP - Mac and Windows

Creating Formulas in JMP

Navigating JMP in Windows

Excel Add In I (Passing Data to JMP)

Excel Add In II (Profiling Excel Models in JMP)

Using the Add-In Builder


Graphical Displays and Summaries

Bar Charts and Frequency Distributions

Pareto Plots and Pie Charts

Mosaic Plot and Contingency Table

Histograms, Descriptive Stats and Stem and Leaf

Box Plots

Scatter Plots

Run Charts (Line Graphs)

Interactive Graphing with Graph Builder

Summarizing Data Using Tabulate

Mapping in Graph Builder


Probabilities and Distributions

Assessing Normality

Fitting Distributions

Finding Standardized Values (z-Scores)

Finding the Area Under a Normal Curve

Random Sampling and Random Data


Basic Inference - Proportions and Means

Hypothesis Test and CI for Proportions

Chi-Square Test for a Two-Way Table

One Sample t-test and CI

Two Sample t-Test and CIs

Paired t-Test and CI


Two-Way (Factorial) ANOVA

Nonparametric Tests

Bootstrapping in JMP Pro

Sample Size and Power for Testing Means

Sample Size and Power for Testing Proportions


Correlation and Regression


Nonparametric Correlations

Simple Linear Regression

Multiple Linear Regression

Simple Logistic Regression

Multiple Logistic Regression

Stepwise Regression


Time Series

ARIMA Modeling

Time Series Smoothing Models


Multivariate Methods


Principal Components Analysis

Factor Analysis

Discriminant Analysis


Mixed models and Repeated Measures

Mixed Model Analysis

Repeated Measures using Mixed Models

Repeated Measures using MANOVA


Data Mining

Classification Trees (Partition)

Regression Trees (Partition)

Neural Networks

Creating a Validation Column (Holdout Sample)


Quality and Process

Variables Control Charts - XBar Charts

Variables Control Charts - I/MR Charts

Attribute Control Charts - P and NP Charts

Attribute Control Charts - C and U Charts

Capability Analysis

MSA Attribute Data

MSA Continuous Data - EMP Method

MSA Continuous Data - Gauge R&R


Reliability and Survival

Distribution Fitting (Life Distribution)

Accelerated Life Testing (Fit Life by X)


Designed Experiments

DOE Full Factorial Design

DOE Full Factorial Analysis

DOE Fractional Factorial Design

DOE Fractional Factorial Analysis

DOE Screening Experiment Analysis

DOE - Custom Designs


Using SAS from JMP

Connect to SAS OnDemand for Academics from JMP

Connect to Your School’s SAS Server from JMP

Connect to SAS on Your PC (Windows) from JMP

Setting SAS Integration Preferences

Using JMP to Generate SAS Programs

Entering and Running SAS Programs


The guides and videos are developed and maintained by the JMP Academic Team.  Contact mia.stephens , julian or volker.kraft for questions, suggestions, or additional information.


Do you have interesting course materials (data sets, scripts, activities or other teaching materials)?  Consider sharing with other educators by uploading to the JMP Academic Community. Thank you for your contributions!


Revised 10/13/2015. 

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