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Level II

A Bigger Version of the Anscombe Quartet

Simulation data with the same correlation of 0.7 for each case with different sample sizes (200, 300 400 and 500) and different underlying relationships.

Use notes:

  • Data table contains saved scripts.
  • Use the data filter script to select groups
  • Use the saved script graph and analysis platforms to explore the correlation (and regression) for the different groups.



Hi, thank you very much for sharing this excellent example! Anscombe's Quartet (smaller version) is great for teaching and fun to demo in JMP. This bigger version is a great demo, too, with nice use of the Data Filter.

Andy, this is great!  Thanks for sharing!  Do you have any written materials on how to use these data in the classroom?

Sorry I do not have a write up. I show the data as an intro to correlation of X and Y in my first STAT Methods class and I explain what they need to be careful when they are quoting a moderate high correlation and try to drive the point of "SHOW ME YOUR DATA" instead of telling about the results from your analysis.

Please send me ASAP (since classes start next week) the PPT from Chapters of your JMP Pro book "Building Better Models".

It looks like the Zip file that I downloaded from BBU SAS website for your book does not have much in terms of saved JMP scripts or Journals for fitting and comparing the models and case studies you cover.

So if you or coauthors have these please send them to me or tell me where I can download them if they are publicly available to support people that chose the book as assigned textbook for a graduate analytics or Predictive Modeling course that uses JMP Pro.

As always thanks for being such a helpful resource to the JMP academic community.

Andy M

Yes, this is really cool!

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