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Level I

Prediction profiler - Interactive html


I wanted to store an interactive html using the prediction profiler with two responses and three factors.

Unfortunately the Log file displays:

Interactive HTML: Controls are not interactive.
Interactive HTML: Embedded profilers in this platform are not interactive

And after storage receive "This feature is not interactive".

For one response it is interactive.


Can you help making it work with two responses?



Level VIII

Re: Prediction profiler - Interactive html

Can you share the exact workflow you used? Interactive HTML is not offered in ALL places where a profiler is present in the JMP ecosystem. Profilers are in numerous platforms...and they aren't interactive in all of them. Plus what version of JMP you are using? As JMP versions progress, in general, HTML interactivity is expanding across the JMP analysis platform architecture.


I just fit a simple two response model using Fit Model -> Standard Least Squares personality, running JMP Pro 15.2.1, and the profiler was interactive within the HTML output report.

Re: Prediction profiler - Interactive html

As Peter said, we would need more info on the specific platform and script that was used.  The message about embedded profilers not being supported in this platform could be true, or it could have been triggered by turning on a specific unsupported feature that we didn't know we needed to detect.  If we knew more, even if it could not be supported we should be able to add a more specific log message in this case.


This blog post might provide more insight into why profilers sometimes go static: Why is my Interactive HTML Profiler not interactive?