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How to share a one Local data filter for multiple graphs?

Hi everyone.

I have a report with many graphs that I made by Bivariate. I have only one column for all graphs to be filtered and since I am gonna have  interactive HTML, I can not use <<Data Filter.  So, how can I have the same <<Local Data  filter that work for all the graphs?



Re: How to share a one Local data filter for multiple graphs?

If you build a JMP Application or Dashboard, you can add the Local Data Filter at the top level.


See this section of the Help to build a dashboard: 

Using JMP > Extend JMP > Combine Reports by Creating a Dashboard > Example of Creating a Dashboard with Two Reports

The same method can be used for more than two reports.


To add the Local Data Filter to the dashboard,

  1. Click on the dashboard's top red triangle and select Edit.
  2. Then from the Sources panel drag in a Data Filter(Local) to the outermost box or the box just inside the Dashboard area. 
  3. Press the green triangle on the Dashboard Builder toolbar to run the Dashboard.
  4. Uncheck the Include mode of the Local Data Filter and test the Local data filter to make sure it affects two or more graphs in the dashboard. 

Save as Interactive HTML.