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How to set marker size and color to specific values/colors?

I would like to use graph builder to make a dot array plot similar to this:

Image result for bubble chart in excel


So far I've been able to get most of the way there with Graph Builder:



But I'm wondering:

1. Is there a way to alter the marker size to exagerate the difference between the smallest value and the largest value so that it is easier to see the difference between them? So far, all I can find is a way to change marker size, which increases or decreases all of them to the same degree.


2. Is there a way to set the color to specific values? So instead of being a gradient from red to blue, is there a way to specify 100 = blue, 95 = teal, 90 = green, etc. My data is discrete, so a gradient doesn't make a lot of sense.


Thank you!



Re: How to set marker size and color to specific values/colors?

Regarding question #2: Use the column info and properties for that variable. First, if the variable is discrete, set the modelling type to either ordinal or nominal. Then set a Value Colors column property for that variable. You can set specific colours for each specific value. Then when you use that variable in a colouring role you should see those colours used.
Are you okay with how you can edit column info and properties?
Hope that helps,

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