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Using Chord Diagrams in JMP(R) to Assess Multiple Approaches to Shorten the Development Life Cycle (2019-US-EPO-206)

Level: Intermediate


Edward Carroll, Principal Systems Research Analyst, Sandia National Laboratories
Thor Osborn, Principal Systems Analyst, Sandia National Laboratories


Sandia National Laboratories is working on initiatives to enable modular, segmented design approaches and independent innovations that have the potential to transform Sandia’s engineering enterprise. Many of these initiatives are pursuing concepts in rapid design evolution and prototyping, multiple learning cycles, diverse staff participation and novel concept exploration with a focus toward shortening the systems development cycle. An impact assessment was conducted, where subject matter experts for 12 different initiatives were asked to apply their knowledge and experience in an evaluation of the impact of their initiative on the existing development processes. A chord diagram was used to illustrate the results of the impact assessment based on the relationships between the initiatives. The chord diagram is not native to JMP, so a routine in R was developed and executed from within JSL. The chord diagrams illustrated that initiatives with the highest beneficial impact were those that improved throughput, quality or risk mitigation in combination with many other initiatives. In other words, the beneficial effects were cumulative. This e-poster will illustrate the chord diagrams and the executable JSL used to create them, plus a sensitivity analysis used to validate the findings.

Hi. The intro text looks fine. Will the poster be included when published?
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