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Level II

NXP Structured Problem-Solving Approach: Two Case Studies in Semiconductor Test and Design for Automotive (2020-EU-EPO-384)

Level: Intermediate


Corinne Bergès, Six Sigma Black Belt, NXP Semiconductors
Kurt Neugebauer, Analog Design Engineer, NXP Semiconductors
Da Dai, Design Automation Engineer, NXP Semiconductors
Martin Kunstmann, R&D-SUP-Working student, NXP Semiconductors
Alain Beaudet, Product and Test Engineer, NXP Semiconductors


Structured Problem Solving (SPS) is one of the three pillars of NXP Six Sigma system, with Quality Culture and Continuous Improvement, and demonstrates still more NXP Quality system maturity. Some key approaches in NXP SPS are fitting with the DMAIC/DMADV, 8D or 5-Why frameworks. They widely use statistics to change assumptions into evidences, necessary for a real defect root cause elimination: modeling, DOE, multivariate analysis, …Two specific statistical analysis are described. In design for automotive, about simulation of parametric, hard or soft defects, purpose is to implement the best algorithm to reduce number of simulations, without impacting test coverage or failure rate estimation precision: for this, JMP provides interesting options in clustering. NXP experiments will result in an algorithm and in some recommendations for the new IEEE standard on study about defect coverage accounting method. Now, downstream in manufacturing, when it deals with capability index computation, and with normality test, to bypass high sensitivity of these tests for a slight abnormality, a methodology was designed in JMP to quantify shift from normality, by using the Shash distribution and its Kurtosis and Skewness parameters. A script was implemented to automate it on the more than 3000 tests for an automotive product.