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Level III

Digital Analytics Boosted With JMP(R) Integration to Google Cloud (2020-EU-45MP-427)

Level: Beginner


Alfredo López Navarro, Data Lab Manager, Telefónica
Arne Ruhkamp, Senior Digital Analyst, Telefónica


Step into the world of digital analytics with a hybrid approach. When it comes to statistical analysis, web analytics tools are limited. JMP boosts insights by bringing a flexible platform. It allows us to aggregate, cleanse, explore and interact with different types of data in an agile way. In this showcase we will 1) share with you how business can benefit from cross-functional teams; 2) give a live demo on how to connect to Google Analytics through JMP; 3) merge the web analytics data with other data sources; and 4) generate and deliver the insights.In the way we managed to break silos, we changed our working culture and improved our performance. There is still a long way to go. Our intention is to share all the materials with the Community, data sets, journals and a booklet.


Included in the beginning of the video is a Welcome to the Summit  greeting by JMP Customer Care Manager, Jeff Perkinson.