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Level III

Data Exploration and Discovery in Multi-isotope Imaging Mass Spectrometry (MIMS) in Cancer Research (2020-EU-30MP-371)

Level: Intermediate


Greg McMahon, Principal Research Scientist, National Physical Laboratory


Multi-isotope imaging mass spectrometry (MIMS) combines stable isotope labeling of biological samples with high spatial resolution (sub-cellular) mass spectrometry imaging and extensive statistical analysis of the resultant image data. The images are rich in information, and use of JMP allows a quick and easy method of analyzing the data for information that is either just subtly contained within the image, or other information that may be below the first "obvious" layer of information. Combining Graph Builder with simple data distributions and local data filters provides a wealth of information. The approach can be extended by application of cluster analysis and multivariate statistics. In this presentation, we will use an example tracking the metabolic fate of 13C and 18O stable isotope labeled glucose in mouse breast cancer tumors engineered to contain cells with either high levels of the Myc oncogene, which is a driver for aggressive breast cancer growth, or low levels of the Myc oncogene. We will finish with a few comments about the significance of the results in terms of cancer research for the non-expert.


Lovely presentation, @GregMcMahon. Great to see how JMP is used in a "pure" research application. And I love that it is the simple stuff (Distributions, Graph Builder, dynamic linking) that you are finding most useful. The simple tools are often the most powerful.

Thanks Phil. Feel free to drop in if you are ever in the area. 

That is very kind, thanks. Hopefully I will be able to at some point in the future when we are all able to travel again!