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Quick Defect Pattern Analysis Using Graph Builder Applied with the Data Filter (2020-KR-30MP-710)

Level: Beginner


SuWoong Lee, Optical staff engineer, LG Innotek. 


In modern industry, it is getting more important task to quickly and accurately analyze
the defective data from the manufacturing process (In-Situ Process)  in order to save cost and time. 
So, the quick and simple analysis method has shared what I've been used as follows. 
I hope this would be helpful in your practice.

* if any question for the presentation, please comment on below or email me (


1. How to sort out each failure modes by the data filter
2. How to use the graph builder for efficient data visualization
3. Effective one-page analysis using by multi-correlated parametric data

4. How to manipulate the interactive simulation when the marginal spec would be required to revise.